Restoration, Blueprinting, Building & Design

Modern and Vintage Automotive Motorcycle and Racing Engines

Porting, Testing and Machining of Modern and Vintage Cylinder Heads

Mark (Engine Assembly) Mike (Bike Owner) Brad Lackey (Rider, 1982 World 500 MX World Champion) Don Redmon (Design and Constriction RMI Big Reed CZ-400)
Sears Point AHRMA Western National MX Race 2001

Motorcycle Grudge Night

RMI Fully Restored and Totally Rebuilt

1930 Meadows I-6

Dynamometer Engine Break-in and Testing

RMI at Invicta Club UK

Spring Meet Michelham Priory, Upper Dicker, Hailsham Sussex U.K.

1935 Alfa Romeo Super Charge 6C Engine

Ferrari 400

1935 Alfa Romeo 6C

Team 415 at Bonneville 2013

Don with 1931 FWD Ruxton at Pebble Beach

Team 415 El Mirage 2015

At Bonneville 2013

Steve and Jeannie Nelson Bonneville 200 MPH Club                      

1934 Alfa Romeo 8C Supercharged

Raffi and Don | The Pit Stop | Brisbane, California

Where machines are a spiritual journey

The Art of Air Flow

mugenOur Mission is to create the finest in goods and services, in the Old World tradition.

Replika Maschinen Inc. is a family-owned business based in Watsonville, California, with more than 41 years of professional racing, mechanical, and machining experience.

We specialize in repair, restoration, machining design and assembly of vintage and modern high performance and racing engines.

We have 35 years of four- and two-stroke air flow cylinder head and related components experience, such as: porting, air flow and combustion efficiency, research and development consultation and design of automotive, motorcycle and diesel components and engines.

“I wish I knew you when I rode for the Japanese”
"Bad" Brad Lackey 1982 500cc MX World Champion

Safe to say Don is a bad dude. Jordan kicked butt on the KTM motor!

The best place that i know of to get head worked on. Dale with his long history in the industry he knows what he’s doing and is very friendly. He doesn’t come off arrogant or condescending and is willing to spend the extra time to make sure you’re know what you want and what you’ll be getting.

I absolutely love his port and polish job and it’s apparent that it’s good. Mazdaspeed sends their stuff to him to get it worked on. He also does motorcycles and thermal coating. Definitely the only place I’ll trust with my head.

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